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Wellness on the Lane

Our clinical team provides a range of evidence based assessment and interventions


Wellness on the Lane

Wellness on the Lane has brought together a specialised team of experienced mental health clinicians.  They each bring unique and diverse interests to deliver evidence based and individualised psychological treatment and assessment services. We currently cater to meet the needs of children, adolescents, adults and couples. Our focus is on validation, safety, compassion and high quality care.


Benefits of group therapy are well known. Dedicated support. Learning from others.  Shared experiences. 


We are pleased to offer these appointments by phone or secure video connection via our Powerdiary Practice Management Software. You can read more about Power Diary's Security Privacy and Compliance measures on their website. A customised Telehealth URL is designated to your clinical file, allowing easy one click access for appointments.


Wellness on the Lane is proud to offer small group supervision with one (or both!) of our 2 board approved supervisors. Groups support individuals to grow and develop their skills, and support each other's learnings whilst also reducing costs of traditional individual supervision. It can be a wonderful opportunity to learn from a variety of client presentations.

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